The Area

Surrounded by beautiful hills our area is perfectly placed between Klong Dao and Long Beach, two of the most popular beaches on Koh Lanta.

Centrally located but enough distance from the bustle and crowded areas lies this elevated area with amazing views of the ocean, mountains, islands and Koh Lanta’s beautiful beaches. A nice mountain breeze along with the liberating sense of Highlands with its serenity impressions and quietness.

The location provides proximity to most things as well as to the Swedish schools, this type of proximity is a rarity along with great views and privacy go hand in hand, usually you have to choose.

Recycling, low energy and waste management, with a focus on sustainability is important and this will be evident in the area as well as in the units. In order for Koh Lanta to continue to be a paradise, we feel that it is our responsibility to do our part to preserve this great place.

Restaurant & Pool

The Restaurant and the Infinity-pool has an incredible view and both can be used by owners and tenants in the area. Both amenities can be enjoyed by outside visitors throughout the day of the service offered.

The restaurant is on two levels, the ground floor is equipped with a big screen TV where we anticipate events like sports, Eurovision Song Contest, Idol, or other social and entertaining broadcasts. Maybe it will be a movie for the kids with popcorn at 6 o’clock and then a drink combined with a subsequent 9 o’clock cinema for those a little older.

On the upper level you can sit in the lounge area to enjoy a drink with snacks at sunset followed up by a candlelight dinner with white tablecloths, lit by the stars. The different levels makes it possible to meet the various needs of our guests where most will find their needs met.

“Homey Luxury” is the working theme. Have we written about the view?

“Homey Luxury” is the working theme. Have we written about the view?

Accommodation and construction

Our models and its interior is well thought out and are prepared for what is asked for of both buyers and holiday guests, and what actually works here in Thailand. More and more people can do their jobs or studies from paradise and we will meet the need for good internet, now and in the future.

The sizes of the units are designed to fit most, and also to meet the “new” need to invest in two adjacent units instead of a giant one. Then you can live in one unit and rent or let friends and family use the other. This solution tends to be quite nice to everyone and everyone gets more quality out of those moments when they are together. In this way you will also get a more flexible accommodation.

A recurring theme was “Social Privacy”, there is room to socialize and meet people. But it’s very important to be able to be by yourself without full transparency of others and be given the opportunity to chill out and “just be”. In our stressful world today, it’s very important to be able to relax on your well-deserved vacation and disruption of everyday life.

The construction is carried out with full and ongoing control of us and our engineers. The materials, technology and performance of each part is of the highest importance. Some units have a small private pool, others a lounge on the roof, in other units we are planning a “chill net” over the living room / kitchen part.

Key Ready

It should be easy to be an owner! Our units are all fully furnished. No one should have to spend their entire vacation to find things to their unit. This is not as easy as you think, and take much more time than you can imagine.

Therefore, we have decided that all our units are sold Key Ready. ALL INCLUSIVE! It’s just to get your key and stay and enjoy. Since we will have a recurring theme in all units this also becomes easier, better and more efficient when you rent out your unit.

In House

To bring down costs and provide the best returns for the unit owners the area will have its own staff and this, combined with thoughtful agreements with select reputable and established companies on the island.

Most service will be “in-house” and none other than the owners of the units will receive the cutbacks, it seems obvious to us but is quite new at Lanta today.

Why e.g. let anyone make money on the electricity you use? Our approach will not only provide low fees and more savings to the owners, it will also ensure the possibility of a positive growth on your investment.

The area will have a car that runs all residents to the beaches, Saladan and other destinations on the island during a daily schedule. There will be set times for drop off and pick-up. The car will also drive to both Swedish schools on the island. This is very helpful since we believe that many of our rental customers will be families from Sweden and their children goe to these schools. We will also, if needed transport children to the International School.

Why rush off to find a massage, when you can get it at the area or in your unit where you live at the time you want? The area will have its own gym and yoga etc.

In the future, secondary sales of the units is part of the commission of the sale and will go to the area for its future development etc. in a new unique brokerage agreement.

Since the surplus goes to the area where the buyer invests, this gives a value-enhancing effect on sales.

Suits all ages and needs

We are all in different stages of life and have different needs. Therefore, we will have several pools at the area designed for guests of all ages. For example we will have an 18 plus older pool!

There is an infinity pool with stunning views and the focal point is peace and quiet, sun loungers and shade on the soft mattresses and pillows. Of course, there is full service from the area’s restaurant.

In this way, families with children also relax at the other pools and know that the more “noise sensitive” guests have a cozy and quiet pool area without being disturbed by the fun and games that are just as important.

Developments and Future

We have good contact with the neighboring landowners and see that there’s an opportunitythere to respond to needs that may be in our area.

It may e.g. be a roofed / shaded tennis court or even a “Paddle” -court that has become so popular now, know we will be responsive to the wishes and future needs that may arise.

Our sole focus is to build up THE Koh Lanta area number one on ALL levels, in the true spirit of Malee. And anyone that purchases a unit in this area will not only get the unit they invest in, but also become part of the whole Malee Highlands.

If you want more information about our area, we would be happy and proud to show, inform and explain further.

Welcome to become part of Malee Highlands, the area which sets the next standard on Koh Lanta.

Mia & Mattias Terngard

Mia & Mattias Terngård
Mia Terngård – Executive sales and marketing manager
Mobil Thailand: +66 638 48 04 73
Skype tel: +46 8 559 21 837
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